St Marys Ministries 


Altar Servers                                   Dominic o'Regan

Altar clothes                                   Norah Hearty

Catechetical Groups                        Madeleine Billet

Childrens Liturgy                             Mary Edginton

Liturgy Group                                 Tam  McKillop 

Holy Communion                            Tam  McKillop

Confirmation                                   Julie O’Regan

Music Ministry                                Judy Smithers

Folk Group                                     Michelle Bull

Presbytery Helpers-                        Ask Mary Wood

Parish Maintenance                        Laurie McHugh



Sacristans                                       Norah Hearty

Welcomers                                      Judy Smither

Flower arranging


     St Vincents Ministries


Altar Servers                            Christine D’Souza

Altar clothes /Linens                 Eileen Breen

Catechetical Groups                 Held at St Vincent's School

                                              Childrens Liturgy    Pauline Cotton

Flower arranging                      Eileen Breen

Holy Communion                     Jessica  Mulligan

Music Ministry                        Eileen Vallelly & Mike Pomfret

                                             Ministry of the Eucharist Fiona Johnson

Readers                                 Peter Devine

Sacristans                             Eileen Breen

               Welcomers                            Margaret White




(When there is no contact given please phone Mary Wood Parish Secretary  01582 662710)