Children’s Liturgy



The Children's Liturgy takes place during 10.30 Mass every Sunday at St Mary’s and 11.00 at St Vincent’s Church. The number of children attending the Children's Liturgy group has increased enormously over the last couple of years.

What age groups should attend these sessions and do parents need to accompany their children?

Parents/carers are expected to accompany children in the Pre-school group but no parental attendance is required or expected in the Primary school aged group. Parents who attend the Primary Group are requested to assist throughout the session.

Where should children gather and how should they proceed to the hall from the church?

All children should go directly to the back of the church and will be brought by the leader to the room behind the altar on the rightside.

 What is the format for the liturgy sessions?

All children will sit on mats set out on the floor. The theme of the week will be presented, discussed and illustrated and gospel/story read/discussed. The Pre-primary group will receive a very simple message and parents/carers (where appropriate) will be involved in delivering that message. Children will then be given an activity to complete. A closing prayer will be said at the end of the session and children will then be led back quietly into the Church.

If you would like to help with the Children's Liturgy, please contact the Presbytery 01582 662710 .