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Saturday 4th Confessions 5-5.30

Sat 4th 6 Recently deceased

Sun 5th 9.30 Paidge McDonald 

               11.30 Parish Int.

Mon 6th 9.30 Raymond Clowes RIP

Tues 7th 9.30 Bishop David Int.

Wed 8th 10 Funeral Mass Anne McGrath

Thurs 9th 10 Funeral Mass Raymond Clowes

Fri 10th 8.30 Sick parishioners Int.

Bulletin Fr Tony 29/6/20

Dear parishioners,

We have permission to celebrate public Masses from the weekend of the 4th/5th of July.

The diocese and local authorities are rightly concerned that we exercise great caution in opening up, so some restrictions will remain.

If you are in a health risk category, please consider not attending Sunday Mass (there is no obligation to do so). Some people might prefer to come to a weekday Mass.

For the time being only St. Mary’s will be open, we will look at how St. Vincent’s can be used in the coming weeks.

Please enter through the main doors and exit by the two side ones, always keeping social distancing!

Benches are marked out for seating/non seating. Please sit in your household groups on individual benches,

Gel is available when you enter, please bring a face mask if you wish.

No congregational singing or children’s liturgy is allowed for the present. Please come forward for holy communion one bench at a time, allow them to return before the next group comes forward.

Mass times

Will be Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri at 9.30am.

Saturday vigil Mass 6pm.

Sunday 9.30 and 11.30 am.

Weekday times subject to change for funerals etc.

Confessions Saturday 5-5.30 or at request.

Collection plates will be by the exit doors at the end of Mass.

Please consider volunteering for Cleaning/stewarding at Mass (contact Fr. Tony).

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

God bless,

Fr. Tony 


Dear parishioners,

I hope you are all well. Bishop David has written to us with the sad news that St. Elizabeth’s is to close.

I realise that this is very upsetting for many people, especially the community in Toddington who have been so devoted over the years.

Please pray for all of them, also our Bishop who will be facing many difficult decisions in the coming months and years.

We hope to have more news regarding public celebration of Masses and the sacrament in the parish soon.

God bless you all,

Fr. Tony


Dear parishioners,

We hope to reopen St. Mary’s between 9.30 and 11.30 am on Saturday and Sunday mornings beginning on the 20th June. St. Vincent’s and St. Elizabeth’s will have to remain shut for the time being.

The church is open for quiet prayer, not for Mass or services. We ask that parishioners enter through the main door at the front and exit by the side doors in the church.

2 stewards will be present, please follow any directions from them. If we are unable to find stewards, the church will remain closed (if you can volunteer, please contact Fr. Tony at the presbytery. You need to be under 70 with no underlying health issues).

The toilets and Marian chapel are not available, we also need to remove votive candles from the church.

You will find hand gels as you enter, please observe social distancing and also make sure that you do not leave anything in the church when you leave. We also ask that all children should be accompanied by an adult.

Hopefully these restrictions will soon be eased! If you need to see Fr. Tony, please contact him at the presbytery.

God bless you all,

Fr. Tony

BIshop Davids letter on Toddington 


               COVID-19 Bereavement Support

Breaking the News to Children and Young People when Someone is Seriously ill With Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Guidance for Families Who May Not Be Able to Attend A Funeral

Parish Donations

There are three ways to donate:

1) To make a donation to the parish please contact the parish office by phone 01582 662710 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to obtain the banking details that you will need to give to your bank.

2) Donation can go through the online Virginmoneygiving. They included details of the parish name and area or parish priest (Easter offering) that the donation is intended.

To use the Donation page on the main Diocesan website go direct to: to

3) From enquiries we have received we understand that some of our parishioners would prefer to donate by telephone instead of via our online donation facilities. Therefore, in addition to the online donation facilities currently available, we are proposing to begin a ‘Giving Tuesday’ commencing on Tuesday the 5th of May 2020. Each Tuesday between 10:00am and 4:00pm, people will be able to call this number, 01604 712065, and donate to your parish. All they will require is their debit or credit card to hand when they call.  They can make a one-off donation to cover their missed Sunday offerings or call each week knowing their offering is going to the parish they wish.  


Daily Mass live streaming from our Cathedral and other churches see below


Please pray for the recently deceased:

Kathleen Hennessy and Ned Kelly ,Anne McGrath and Raymond Clowes.Tim Keogh.

If you have any concerns/issues please contact Fr Tony on 01582 662710 

MVE 200 CLUB draw

June MVE 200 club winners £100 number 135 Tina Moson, £50 number 6  Richard Neal.

Thank you to everybody who supports the MVE 200 CLUB which raised £5, 000 for the parish last year as well as supporting the youth.
There are a lot of vacant numbers now so please spread the word.  Rosemarie 01525 220644 rosemarie.duke@


We are making a list of people who might appreciate a friendly chat on the phone now and again and ‘phone buddies’ to partner them.
If you or anyone you know might appreciate the friendship of a phone buddy or you yourself could support someone in this way please ring Rosemarie 01525 220644 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Local News 

Bedfordshire Care of the deceased group- 2nd Meeting: 16th April 2020 Click Here!

Coronavirus –Looking after your mental health- Click Here !

Pastoral News 


Bishop David

I am conscious that there are a considerable number of people around the Diocese who are due to be baptised or received into full communion with the Church, to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation and to receive their First Holy Communion. Obviously, all these celebrations are delayed through the coronavirus crisis.

For futher information Click Here

Retreats online 

First set of speakers from the Australian Pentecost retreat: (available on catch up)
Catholic Voices webinar:  From Crisis To Mission: Helping parishes to face the challenges of lockdown 
Fiona O'Reilly  (this is one in a weekly series on this topic).

Updated resources for churches in lockdown.

These include:
Dealing with grief and saying goodbye
Accessible Masses for people with learning difficulties and a signed Mass for the deaf
Resources from Divine Renovation, Catholic Voices and others on imagining our "new normal"
And much more.


Monsignor Kevin McGinnell VF- Episcopal Vicar for Education and Formation

NORES Northampton Religious Education Service, RC Diocese of Northampton

Food Bank

During these challenging times another vital aspect is our care for each other. One way is contributing to our local Food Bank. Donations can be left at Christ Church, West Street, during food bank opening days, Tuesday and Fridays afternoons 2.30pm-4.30pm. Dunstable food Bank thanks all the parish for their 'amazing' contribution of £355.92.

Houghton Regis Food Bank

Morrison's have offered to provide food for people in need in Houghton Regis during these difficult times.

The food bank is also aware of some households where there is a much higher level of complexity and will work with them.

Please contact Father Tony who will put you in contact with the Food Bank: on 01582 662710


Father Tony Brennan Parish Priest

The celebration of Mass daily, will take place without a public congregation. Knowing that the Mass is being celebrated; joining in spiritually in that celebration; watching the live-streaming of the Mass; following its prayers at home; making an act of spiritual communication: this is how we share in the Sacrifice of Christ in these days. These are the ways in which we will sanctify Sunday, and indeed every day.

Details about the pathway of prayer and sacramental life from :


All Sacraments are postponed until further notice with the exception of 'Anointing of the Sick' and emergency 'Baptisms'. Funeral services will take place at the graveside or in the crematorium where numbers are limited to family members only.

Any concerns/issues please contact Fr Tony on 01582 662710 

CAFOD - in a time of Isolation further resources, prayers, liturgies and reflections are available to support you in your prayer life. Also available fun activities for children from education resources pages -

Studham, Kensworth and Whipsnade (SKAW)

Coronavirus Response Group

In our villages, local organisations are joining together to support all those who may need help in the current health emergency. Click here.


Allan MacDonald Parishioner of St Marys

Allan is training for the priesthood and is based at St Boniface London. He is doing daily Vespers on youtube if you wish to join him and subscribe. 

MVE 200 Club

The MVE 200 CLUB draw will take place on 19th April and results announced soon after. 





Live streaming of Mass on Sundays is available through the Cathedral at 11am.



Daily live streaming from various churches 



Pilgrim Mass are available to watch LIVE each day 12 noon. 





Live streaming daily at 15:00

Studham, Kensworth and Whipsnade (SKAW)

Coronavirus Response Group

In our villages, local organisations are joining together to support all those who may need help in the current health emergency. See PDF file 

The Liturgy Office has produced some prayers for use in the current crisis.



Monsignor Kevin McGinnell VF

Episcopal Vicar for Education and Formation

NORES, Northampton Religious Education Service

Catholic Diocese of Northampton

33 Westbourne Road, Luton, LU4 8JD

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  01582 723312

M: 07889 762005






  ST MARYS           Saturday 6 pm    Sunday 9:30 am

   ST  VINCENTS                                  Sunday 11:30 am

 ST ELIZABETH     No Masses

Confessions at St. Mary's before the 6 pm Mass on Saturdays

Mass on Holidays St. Vincent's 10 am and St. Mary's 7 pm





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There is a role for everyone from simple but essential tasks to Parish groups and coordination.

Consider engaging with Parish life so we can become an even more vibrant Parish family community.



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